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    Raymond was born in the Fall of 1973 in Brooklyn, New York. While living there until the age of 5, he took up a love for the ocean and roller coasters. After moving from New York to New Jersey for 2 years, his family moved to Northeast Pennsylvania in 1980. Unaccustomed to the mountains and creeks, he grew homesick for the city and even more so for the ocean. It wasn't until his early twenties that he finally saw all that Pennsylvania had to offer in the way of unique beauty. His love for waterfalls started at an early age while swimming at a once popular swimming hole, Fallbrook Falls in Carbondale.

      In October of 2003, he bought his first SLR camera and through trial and error, started photographing waterfalls. For his 31st birthday, he received his first DSLR camera. From that moment on, he has been photographing waterfalls all over Northeastern Pennsylvania, collecting pictures of more than 140 different ones, ranging from the impressive Raymondskill Falls to the smaller roadside waterfalls caused from heavy rainfalls.

      As with all good things, he needed more and started to photograph waterfalls from all over Pennsylvania. Whenever the opportunity allowed, and the weather co-operated, he was out photographing waterfalls during occasional trips across the state to photograph covered bridges, natural scenic areas or just a drive to get away and go geocaching.

      From the beginning of creating this website, his goal was clear. Bring the beauty of Pennsylvania to the people, especially those who cannot experience it for themselves. After photographing some beautiful waterfalls, he happened upon the idea of videotaping the waterfalls for those people who want to see them naturally or those who have limitations to their physical abilities. With a handful of recreational waterfall areas accessible to the disabled because of the terrain challenges, he decided in early 2006 to add video footage to the site for anyone who wants to experience the waterfalls in their natural state.

      The result is a collection of some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Pennsylvania, both on public and private property. His dedication to photograph over 200 different waterfalls in Northeastern Pennsylvania is slowly going to become the most extensive site on the internet for not only Northeastern Pennsylvania waterfalls, but from all over Pennsylvania.

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