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This page is for thanking people who have helped to get me to the level I am at, either photographically, mentally or otherwise.
Without any of these people, none of this would have been possible.

    In no particular order, a list of people who have contributed to this becoming a reality.

    Frank and Joan Arcaro, especially for allowing me to use their video camera to try my hand at waterfall videos.
    Misty Blankenship. One of my best friends and shooting partner who never told me in the beginning my pictures sucked. Thanks to you, I kept going.
    Jeff Mitchell, author of Hiking in the Endless Mountains, for being patient with all of my questions about waterfalls.
    Bill McNally for the location of (and permission to photograph) X-Static Falls.
    Jorge and Mary Reyes for information on Reyes Falls.
    Erich Buntz for the location of Deer Lake Falls.
    Delmar Durland for allowing me to videotape Buttermilk Falls in Wyoming County from his property
      and for the tour of the ‘hidden waterfalls’ on Buttermilk Creek.

    The man who wishes to remain anonymous for allowing me to photograph the ‘hidden’ Buttermilk Falls.
    Sally Yerke for the location of and Lois Gunderman for information on the waterfall on Hollisterville
    in Wayne County.

    Scott Dustman for information about the waterfalls on Solomon Creek and for the leads on other possible
      waterfalls in the area.

    Thomas and Cathy Sherno for allowing me to photograph the waterfall in their yard, Grist Mill Falls.
    Henryle Shzeletz for allowing me to photograph the waterfalls on Leonard Creek.
    Julia Crowder from Celebrity Resorts for information on the waterfalls on Wallenpaupack Creek.
    Chris Thomas for her help with information on Twin Falls in Monroe County.
    The staff at Shawnee Resort in Monroe County for allowing me to photograph Buttermilk Falls from their property.
    Richard Degnan of the National Park Service at the DWGNRA for information on Spackmans Creek.
    Rhoda DeLellis and Julie Minnier from Buttermilk Falls Campground in Sullivan County for permission to photograph
      and information about Buttermilk Falls.

    Bob Buck for permission to photograph Buck's Falls.
    Barb Grace and Mike Yavorosky for information about and permission to photograph Panther's Creek.
    TEAM FIREFIGHTERWRX, Tommy Young, Mike Stevens, Nicole Groober and Miranda Kimmell for information about
      and location of Highland / Moss Falls.

    NPS Officers at Dingmans Falls for the helpful information to various waterfalls in the region.
    The hunters who helped drag my car off of the ravine in the middle of Wyoming State Forest.

    And the people that help contribute to my addiction without knowing about it:

    Scott Brown for writing "Pennsylvania Waterfalls: A guide for Hikers and Photographers"
    Gary Letcher for writing "Waterfalls of the Mid Atlantic States"

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